Email creation platform

Building good emails in HTML is hard. Browser support is all over the place, and you've even got to prepare the final product for sending by inlining the CSS. For this reason, I built a system from scratch that would allow a global team in Google to produce high-quality, beautiful, and consistent emails with ease. The whole system was built from the ground-up and is being used three different teams within Google, and is the model for other tools being developed internally.

The platform uses a custom-built templating system for configuring dynamic template elements and altering the user interface on the fly, and has allowed me to support a large group of people as a one-man team.

Email redesign

Along with an entire tool for email creation, I also completely redesigned the Google Play emails from the ground up. Following Material Design and Google Play's own style guides, I devised a strategy for flexible and beautiful email templates that would be more mobile-friendly. These are all pre-loaded into the email building platform, and can be generated in seconds by the team. No coding experience necessary.

These designs have served as a model for other teams within Play, help drive revenue to Play, and are seen by millions of people every week from all over the world. (Click here to see an example of a full email.)

Angular Dart

The Angular Dart team was getting ready to announce the framework to the world and was looking for someone to create the look and feel for their site. I volunteered to create their site and worked directly with the team to develop a functional and beautiful site that helped launch the site on-time.

Wildfire Interactive

When Wildfire was acquired by Google in 2012, they asked me to come on-board as a front end developer for their platform. I worked with their internal teams to design and develop sites for some of the biggest brands around, and became known for completing sites that were incredible technically complicated on a very short timeline. By the end of my stay at Wildfire, I had created over 250 sites on their platform.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of each site.

Previous Work

Before coming to Google, I owned my own design and development studio called Wicked Ember. I worked remotely for my clients and created complete design and web solutions, ranging from simple marketing sites to complete web MVPs.

It was during this time that I mastered the art of full stack development and remote development, which pushed me to focus not only on the technical aspect of things, but on the equally important skills of communication and teamwork.